Rules for using the ticket:

Rules for using the ticket:

1. It is prohibited to copy or transfer copies of the ticket to third parties. The unique identifier (QR code) contained on this ticket guarantees your right to attend the competition once. The presentation of a ticket with an identical QR code by third parties will deprive you of the right to attend the competition.

2. The buyer is responsible for the safety of the ticket. In case of copying, loss or damage of the ticket, you will be denied access to the competition; the World Nomad Games Directorate and ZAKAZBILETOV.KZ will not accept claims.

3. If the QR code cannot be read, you need to contact ZAKAZBILETOV.KZ employees who will be at the entrance or contact the technical support service +7 776 544 2882, +7 701 986 52 52

4. Tickets are checked and entry to the competition is carried out in accordance with the rules established by the WNG Directorate, the administration of the sports facility and the ZAKAZBILETOV.KZ company. To complete the identification procedure and to verify the legality of using this ticket, it is recommended to have an identification document with you. If the ticket details do not match the order, you may be denied entry to the competition.

5. The scanning device reads the QR code only once. If you need to leave the competition venue, you cannot re-enter using this ticket.

6. The cost of this ticket can be returned only in case of cancellation, replacement or postponement of the competition under the conditions established by the offer.

7. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of the offer on the website ZAKAZBILETOV.KZ. These rules do not constitute an offer.

Rules of conduct for spectators during the competition:

1. It is prohibited to bring or use alcoholic beverages, sharp objects, or any other objects that may harm other visitors to the competition.

2. If a visitor to a competition is in a state of alcoholic, narcotic and (or) toxic intoxication, he may be denied entry without any compensation for the cost of the ticket.

3. If you violate the rules of being at the competition and fail to comply with the requirements of the Games Directorate or the administration of the sports facility, you may be denied further participation and removed from the competition without any compensation for the cost of the ticket.

4. If you are late for the competition by more than 30 minutes, the organizers have the right not to let you in without any compensation for the cost of the tickets. The WNG Directorate and ZAKAZBILETOV.KZ are not responsible for this.