How to order tickets

How to order tickets

  • Select the desired event;
  • Select the sector or the category of the ticket and click on “to choose seat”
  • You will see a diagram with free seats to buy ( they are marked with different colors, the relevant price category of the ticket);
  • to choose place, it is enough to click on the colored square and the ticket will stay in your cart only for 30 minutes (if you click, the place you can return to the website )
  • click on "proceed to checkout”
  • next, please register or log in;
  • select the method of obtaining and method of payment;
  • Read the terms and conditions of the Public offer and click "proceed to checkout "

After ordering, your email will receive a confirmation email. Please, remember, the order number!

If the letter didn't come, it means:

  • you have given a wrong email address.
  • your reservation is not confirmed (this occurs in cases where the order took more than 30 minutes ).

In this case, please, contact Call center: +2 (727) 777 666, +7 (727) 237 8284

All Russian and Western events orders are accepted in the application form, the answer to them will come to your email.