Refund tickets

Terms of sales and refund tickets for events in Kazakhstan
The company undertakes to deliver and transfer to the client the tickets ordered via the website or call-center of the company. We also reserve the right to cancel the order, if the customer, when ordering, did not provide the required information, indicated incorrect data (name, surname, contact numbers, email address, etc.) or has not redeemed the booked tickets in due time.

Attention! Exchange and refund of tickets at client’s will is not made.

1. Refund and exchange of tickets
1.1 Sold tickets for theatrical events are returned in accordance with the approved order:
1.2 Tickets are accepted for refund only in case of cancellation, replacement and postponing of events.
1.3 In case of cancellation, replacement and transfer of events only tickets purchased in the company are accepted for the refund.
1.4 Tickets refund is available at the Central office of Zakazbiletov.kzat St. NauryzbaiBatyr 152. (ex. Dzerzhinsky), above st.Abai. Residential complex Ovation. Block A. 1st floor. Office 4, from Monday to Friday from 10-00 to 18-00 (on Saturday and Sunday NO refund is made!)
1.5When refunding tickets it is necessary to present tickets, cashier's check, or a receipt for the payment for tickets and the document of the person indicated in the receipt.

When refunding tickets the cost of the service fee and delivery is not refundable!

2.Refund of tickets for cancelled, postponed or replaced events:
2.1 Refund of the cost of tickets, including cancelled, postponed or replaced events is carried out in accordance with the rules (time and address of the tickets refund), established by the organizer of the event, according to the letter from the event organizer.
2.2. For cancelled events, the customer is paid the face value of the tickets. The cost of services rendered for booking and delivery is not refundable.
2.3. For replaced or postponed events if the client does not agree to the replacement, the client is refunded only the face value of the tickets. The value of services provided for the delivery and booking is not refundable.
In case of cancellation/replacement/postponing of the event you can find the information on tickets refunds by telephone +7 (727) 2 777 666 or on the website

3.Tickets refund for customers living in other regions of Kazakhstan, in case of cancellation, replacement or postponing of the event is carried out at the ticket office, where they were purchased (i.e. in the ticket office of the partner “ZAKAZBILETOV.KZ” at the place of residence of the client) or in the Central office at the address: Almaty, St. Nauryzbai Batyr 152. (ex. Dzerzhinsky), above st. Abay . Residential complex Ovation. Block A. 1st floor. Office 4. (if the tickets were mailed).

For tickets purchased “from hands”, not in the official ticket offices and which are not confirmed by documents while purchasing, the company ZAKAZBILETOV.KZ is not responsible.

Tickets refund ( paid by credit card )
Tickets sold on the website, are not refundable and cannot be exchanged.
In case of cancellations/replacement/postponement of the event the ticket cost is returned by the Bank on the payment card within the period fixed by the Bank, only after a written application in the office at the address: str. Nauryzbai Batyr 152 a, office 4. You must have tickets, order confirmation and ID.
Cost of service fee (if applicable) for delivery and Bank fees are not refundable .